Are you a pet owner?  If so, your pet is a member of the family.  For that reason, why not center your New Year’s resolution around your beloved animal?  You can continue reading on for a few examples.  Since these New Year’s resolutions are small, but still meaningful, you can create one New Year’s resolution for yourself and one for your pet.

So, what are good New Year’s resolutions for pet owners?

1 – Spend More Time with Your Pet

As previously stated, most pet owners feel as if their pets are part of the family.  You may feel as if you are a parent and your cat or dog is one of the kids.  Most parents make New Year’s resolutions to spend more time with their kids, so make yours spending more time with your pet.  Whether it be going for a walk or cuddling on the couch, pets deserve quality time with their owners.

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2 – Do Something Fun with Your Pet

Pets come in a number of different formats.  You will be limited if you own a rabbit, snake, and so forth.  However, if you own a cat or a dog, do something fun with your pet.  Have an adventure!  Whether it be visiting a dog park, taking a trip to a pet store where animals are allowed inside, or going for a ride in the car, do something fun with you pet.  Although most animals are easy to please, your pet should be happy with the new excitement and change in routine.

3 – Take Your Pet to the Vet

In terms of vet visits, most pet owners take their cats and dogs to the vet when first brought into the home.  This is good, as you want to make sure your pet is healthy and up-to-date on all shots.  With that said, regular vet visits are recommended.  Don’t wait until something is wrong to take your beloved pet.  Instead, schedule yearly checkups.  If something is wrong, your vet can spot the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

It is also important to note that a professional can see most pets.  Many people assume that a vet examines cats and dogs only, but that isn’t the case.  Small animals, including birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs can carry diseases.  Always have these animals examined by a professional before bringing them into a home, especially if children are present.

4 – Treat Your Pet on Occasion

Just like children, pets love to be spoiled on occasion.  If you aren’t known for doing so, make it your New Year’s resolution.  Whether it be giving your dog a treat, buying a new wheel for a hamsters, or a new toy for your cat, do so.  Remember, they will like the extra special treat. 

5 – Save Money on Your Pet

Although you want to provide your pet with the best, keep finances in mind.  It is no secret that owning a pet can be expensive.  The good news is that you can still save money.  In terms of care, choose a quality vet, but one that is known for their affordable prices.  Buy pet supplies, like toys and collars, from discount stores, dollar stores, or the discount bins at pet stores.  As for food, use the internet to find moneysaving coupons and free product samples.  It is important to care for your pet and give them the best, but do not go broke doing so.

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