With so much decorative choice at Christmas, a strategy is needed to ensure that whatever is done looks organized, well arranged and beautiful, and not haphazard and disorganized.

By doing some basic or traditional decoration, along with trying creative and different ideas, a beautiful and pleasing decorative environment can be created in all homes.

Traditional decorating ideas include using wreaths for doors or entranceways and on a wall with unobstructed view. Garlands can be placed along surface where they can be hung vertically or horizontally. And Christmas lights can be used by itself or with garlands, in shrubs and of course on Christmas trees.

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Using Christmas lights outdoors along the frame of houses and icicle shaped ones to decorate the roof lines of homes have become very popular. Icicle lights are just as easy as regular lights to put in place and they create a very pleasing display for the holiday season. Adding color to these outdoor light displays can also make houses and the lighting display look more spectacular.

For indoor lighting, candles have become an attractive Christmas decorative item as they can light up the night in a subdued but beautiful manner. Candles create a pleasing look when displayed at windows if there are at least two sets of two or three windows directly above each other, which is in a vertical pattern.

New technologies with candles have also made them safer to use. There are electrical candles but also battery-operated ones that can be used safely instead of electrical ones or in places where there aren’t any electrical outlets.

There are also creative ways to use and incorporate various items around
the home to make Christmas decorations. Christmas or holiday ribbons can be used to make bows that are pinned onto curtains to provide a festive look and a creative Christmas decoration. Like curtains, houseplants can also be dressed up for the holidays. Small Christmas ornaments can be gently placed on houseplants to give porches, patios and front lawns a surprising Christmas decorative look.

Although many people don’t use Christmas stockings anymore to stuff Christmas gifts, they can still be used to create perfect Christmas decorations.

A collection of Christmas stockings can be hung on the mantle, shelf or a wall with or without anything inside them. They will look just as beautiful as those that are often seen in stores.

Christmas lights can also be wrapped along with garlands on a banister or stair railing to add a twinkling Christmas look. Mistletoe can also be hung just about anywhere with or without Christmas lights. If the tale about mistletoe is believed however, then it should be hung somewhere with room underneath where two people can have a friendly holiday kiss or even a hug. Fake snow can also be sprinkled on garlands, mistletoes and wreaths to further enhance their appearance with something from the Christmas season.

And to borrow a decorative feature from department stores, several differently sized boxes can be wrapped, piled in a haphazard manner and placed in a corner from floor to ceiling to make a gift pillar decoration.

Old Christmas cards can also be used for decoration by cutting pictures from them to make a collage. The pictures are then glued onto a poster board that can be framed or hung as is on a wall as Christmas decoration. Even Christmas cookie cutters can be put to an easy, simple and creative use as a decorative item at Christmas time. A ribbon can be used to string two or three or even single cookie cutters that can be placed on the Christmas tree or at a window as decorative ornaments.

Any home can therefore be decorated to be appealing for Christmas and the holidays, given the many ideas and ways that Christmas decoration can be done.

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