One of the most recognized signs of the holiday season in many homes and businesses is that of the Christmas nativity scene. Most of these scenes are used as decoration and packed away after the holiday although some people enjoy leaving it up throughout the year. For many families, setting up the nativity scene signals the beginning of the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Nativity Scenes

The nativity scenes all feature three main figures: Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. The larger nativity scenes include three wise men, animals and a primitive dwelling representing a manger. Sometimes atop the manger, you’ll find a star the wise men followed.

Nativity scenes used be fashioned out of wood and were more crudely made than the polished ones you can buy today. Now you can find nativity scenes for inside your home or outside.

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They come in various sizes-small, medium, large or miniature. You can find them pared down to basic simplicity such as just the three main figures or you can find large ones with minute detail as featured in many upscale shopping centers. There are nativity sets created just for children to display with figurines that are made of durable material for their safe handling.

You can find nativity scenes made from a variety of materials including real gold for those who can afford such a decoration. One nativity set that’s stunning in its elegance is made out of white, not quite translucent glass and is set on top of a mirrored base. The effects are beautiful and the nativity scene stands out from all the other decorations.

You can find nativity scenes painted as art to hang on your walls or as stained glass to hand in your windows. There are also lighted nativity scenes for inside or outside your home.

The ones for inside the home tend to be made of porcelain or glass with the lights up under the figures while the most popular outside nativity scenes are made of durable plastic to last a lifetime of Christmas seasons.

Collectors also love adding new nativity scenes to their collection and you can find ones to fit any taste. These collections do tend to run a bit on the pricey side so keep that in mind if you’re planning to buy an entire collection for someone as a gift.

Or if you’d like to start collecting nativity scenes yourself, remember to always start with the basic figures and build from that. Most collectible nativity scenes are sold by the piece rather than as a whole.

Because of their popularity, Christmas nativity scenes are among the first decorations ordered and if you don’t get yours early, you may have to wait for a back order to come in or even wait until the next holiday.

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