Are you a college student?  If so, you may be looking for New Year’s resolution ideas.  If so, continue reading on for ten good examples.

1 – Get Good Grades

For most college students, passing is more than enough.  Yes, you want to pass all of your classes, but why not aim higher?  Aim to get the best grades possible.  This may require more time studying or doing homework, but try it. 

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2 – Study

As previously stated, good grades may involve extra studying.  If you do not study at all, but only rely on knowledge learned from class lectures and homework, try studying for a little bit.  Even if you take only one hour to look over your notes, your refreshed memory can help you get better test grades.

3 – Take a Fun Course

Most colleges and universities have a few “fun courses,” available.  These classes may not be directly related to your major, but have a little bit of fun.  Since you may earn less electives, the class should be cheaper.  Review your college course book to see if you can take a class on college life, the history of your college town, swimming, or something else exciting.

4 – Take a Challenging Course

Although taking a fun college course is recommended to keep college interesting, you should also challenge yourself.  Have you been playing it safe so far?  If so, make one of your New Year’s resolutions to be a challenging course.  Are you not that good with math?  Don’t avoid math courses like the plague.  Instead, try one.

5 – Attend Class

A problem that many freshmen have is no parental guidance.  There isn’t a parent there to wake them up for class, but an alarm clock that silences with the push of the snooze button.  Whether you are tired from a party the night before or just have an early class, make it your New Year’s resolution to attend all classes this semester.

6 – Volunteer

A college degree looks great on a job application or resume, but so does volunteer work.  The good news is that a college campus presents may volunteer opportunities.  Speak to campus officials to see if there are non-profit organizations that need part-time volunteers.

7 – Meet New People

If you are a freshman, meeting new people is important.  Regardless of your student status, meeting new people can be difficult if you attend college near home.  You may have your same group of friends.  Still, make an effort.  Attend school functions, talk to those in your classes, and so forth.

8 – Stay in Contact with Your Family

Most college students are worried about meeting new friends, paying for college, and getting good grades.  These are all important, but don’t forget how you got to where you are; your family.  Great New Year’s resolutions for college students include visiting home during breaks and emailing or calling your parents or siblings weekly.

9 – Get a Part-Time Job

Jobs can be tricky for college students.  It is more important to get good grades.  If you cannot do both, focus on your studies first.  If you have extra time, make your New Year’s resolution to be a part-time job.  First, see if your school has a work-study program that can help with your tuition costs.  If not, opt for a fun job at a retail store where you can get a good discount.

10 – Enjoy College Life

As previously stated, all college students should have the New Year’s resolutions of getting good grades and attending classes, but don’t let it consume your life.  College is not only about getting a degree, but having a great time.  So, don’t spend your weekends holed up in your room studying.  Try to attend at least one good party a month.

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