Are you a teacher?  If so, you may use this New Year to make a fresh start.  Do you want to make it “your year?”  If so, please continue reading on for a few New Year’s resolution ideas for teachers.  Since each idea is fairly small in size, you may be able to accomplish the entire list before the end of the school year!

1 – Keep Your Desk Organized

Most teachers have relatively clean and organized desks.  Is yours?  If not, now is the time to make the change.  Examine your school’s supply closet or purchase a few organizational tools out-of-pocket.  A clean desk not only improves productivity, but it sets a good example for your students.

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2 – Grade Papers Quicker

If you are a teacher, you may have your own grading system in place.  Do you always wait three days before grading papers?  That is fine if it is your style, but why not try doing so sooner?  When you get a task, like grading papers, out of the way, you are able to focus on other tasks, such as next week’s lessons plans or even your personal life.

3 – Get to Know Your Students

Do you know all of your students’ names?  If you are an elementary school teacher, you should.  If you are a teacher at a large high school, you may teach thousands of students.  In these cases, it can be difficult to learn and remember all student names, but try it.  Rely on assigned seating and use a seating chart as your guide.  If you must, create catchy jingles to remember their names.

4 – Have Parent Teacher Conferences

Many elementary schools require parent teacher conferences.  For high schools, parent teacher conferences typically aren’t required unless there is a problem.  If your school gives you the freedom to schedule meetings with parents, do so.  Most parents love to be updated on their child’s progress at school and other parents need to pay more attention.  Either way, these conferences are a good idea.

5 – Get to Know Other Teachers

Once again, if you teach at a small to medium sized school, you may already know most of the other teachers in your building.  If not or if you teach at a large school, make an effort to get to know other teachers.  Say hello to others in the hall or start a casual conversation in the break room.

6 – Volunteer

Most schools are loaded with sports and other extra curricular activities.  Why not offer to help?  Even if you aren’t the main group leader, see if your services are needed on occasion.  If there are no clubs or organizations that fit your likes and hobbies, consider starting your own.  Most times, all you need is a few interested students and the okay from school officials.

7 – Make Yourself More Available

As a teacher, you need to proceed with caution.  There is a difference between making yourself more available for students and crossing the line.  With that said, always have time for your students.  If you suspect a student may be suffering from family problems, but do not have proof to report to authorities, be available to provide a little bit of professional support.

8 – Be Yourself

As a teacher, it is important to not intentionally or unintentionally break school rules, but be yourself.  You do not have to be a cookie cutter teacher.  Do not compare yourself to other teachers or follow their style just because.  Got something that works, like a fun way to teach children multiplication and division; give it a try!  Who cares if it has never been done in your school before?

9 – Ask for Help from Parents

Most parents give their teachers Christmas and end of the year gifts.  It is common for elementary school students to get gifts from parents and students.  If your school allows this, ask the parents to donate something for the class instead of a personal gift.  Suggest items the entire class can benefit from, like a new book, map, puzzle, and so forth.

10 – Remember You Can’t Do It All

Even the best teachers can only do so much.  Children must not only be helped by teachers, but parents and the school district as a whole.  Since you can’t do everything, don’t apply too much pressure on yourself.

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