Are you a web content writer?  If so, you may be unable to wait to make your New Year’s resolutions.  Most web content writers have a million ideas running through their heads.  What better way to take those ideas, transform them into goals, and make them a reality than the New Year?

Although you may have a million ideas running through your head, you may be looking for more. So, what are some good New Year’s resolutions for web content writers?

1 – Obtain More Clients

When it comes to freelance web content writing, it is hard to have too many clients. Yes, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or take on too much work, but always have a backup plan.  Web content websites and other companies come and go; therefore, never risk everything on one endeavor.  Use online job websites, bidding websites, and create your own website outlining your services to find new clients and projects.

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2 – Start Your Own Website or Blog

If you are new to freelance writing, you may focus more on the money you get than what happens to your articles.  Those who pay you to write articles are making money from them.  Most do so through advertisements and affiliate programs, such as Google AdSense, Commission Junction, and Linkshare.  So, why not do the same yourself?  When you write for others, as well as yourself, you can significantly increase your earnings.

3 – Expand Beyond the Web

If you are a web content writer, you specialize in writing content for websites or content for marketing purposes.  Web content writing is a popular work-at-home opportunity because it is easy.  Most writers are paid within one week.  On the other hand, you could wait months to be paid for a newspaper article or book.  Even still, expand your horizons and look beyond the internet.  Contact your local newspaper and pickup the latest copy of the Writer’s Market to examine book and magazine publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts.

4 – Explore Other Avenues of Making Money Online

As previously stated, web content writers need a backup plan.  One should never put all their eggs in one basket alone.  In addition to finding other clients and projects, examine other ways of making money online.  Even if they are come-as-you-go opportunities, such as paid surveys, paid forum posting, and so forth.  Of course, always put most of your attention on freelance writing, as it pays more, why not give it a try?

5 – Buy a Laptop

If you do not have a laptop computer, buy one.  Freelance writing, although not classified as creative writing, does require creativity and motivation.  It also involves constant work.  Do you need to travel, but still have a deadline?  A laptop can allow you to work and still enjoy your travels.  In terms of creativity and motivation, stepping outside of the office may do you wonders.

6 – Keep Accurate Records for Tax Purposes

Freelance writers rarely work with just one client and most are contract workers.  For that reason, you may have one client who pays you with PayPal, another with a check, and so forth.  As a contract worker, you may not receive 1099 forms.  For that reason, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date and accurate records for tax purposes.  If you have had difficulty doing so in the past, make your New Year’s resolution to be improvement.

7 – Save Money for Taxes

Since most writers do not have taxes deducted from their pay, most end up owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money.  Save money throughout the year.  Otherwise, you may be socked with late fees and other penalties.

8 – Read

Many web content writers do not have the time to read, but make time.  If you want to expand into magazine or book writing, read them first.  Not only will you get ideas, but samples of different writing styles.

9 – Keep a Notebook Handy

As a web content writer, you know that ideas come at some of the weirdest times.  Whether you are driving in the car, dreaming about your job, or out shopping, you may get a great idea.  Have a notebook handy to write it down before your great idea becomes a distant memory.

10 – Research

Not only use research to find new writing projects and clients, but to better your skills.  Do you want to make money with your own website or blog?  Not only do you need good articles, but internet marketing skills.  If you don’t have them, start researching this year.

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