Are you a homeschooling parent?  If so, a good percentage of your life revolves around your children and their schooling.  For that reason, you should make a New Year’s resolution that also focuses on it.  If you are looking for New Year’s resolutions with homeschooling themes, please continue reading on.

1 – Take a Field Trip

Field trips are common in public and private school systems, so why not incorporate them into your homeschooling program?  If you and your children do not take regular field trips, such as once a month, consider doing so.

When it comes to homeschool field trips, you have many different options.  When possible, incorporate your field trip into your current lesson plan.  For example, are your children learning about the history of the United States?  If so, see if there are history museums located nearby.  Museums, petting farms, zoos, and parks, make great destinations for homeschool field trips.

2 – Try Something New

If you and your children do not take field trips, that will achieve the New Year’s resolution of trying something new, but examine other opportunities.  In public and private schools, most children learn by listening to lectures, watching videos, doing homework, and reading textbooks.  Yes, these approaches do work, but consider hands-on learning.  Are you teaching your kindergarten the difference between sinking and floating?  You have the unique opportunity to do more than just explain the process; fill up your bathtub and show them!

If you already use interactive demonstrations to teach your child, take it a step farther.  Use craft projects if you aren’t.  Is your child learning about the solar system?  Create paper mache mobiles or dioramas with them.

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3 – Join a Local Homeschooling Group

One problem that homeschooling parents and homeschooled children face is limited social interaction.  You can stop that from happening by joining a local homeschooling group.  Homeschooling has increased in popularity, so you may be surprised to see how many other homeschooling families there are nearby.  You can use the internet or contact your local school district to learn about homeschooling groups in or around your area.

Although homeschooling is increasing in popularity, you may have a difficult time finding a local group in your community.  If you live in a small town, you may have to drive an hour or more to participate in homeschool events.  If unable to do so, place an advertisement in your local newspaper looking for other homeschooling families.  If you have enough, start your own group.

4 – Get Social Interaction for Your Kids

As previously stated, some kids lack social interaction when homeschooled.  If you haven’t already taken steps to get your kids needed social interaction, do so.  Make it your New Year’s resolution.  As previously stated, homeschooling groups are a great place to go.  Many groups have weekly or monthly events where both parents and children are welcome.  Also, something as simple as taking your child to the park each week can get them interaction with other kids.

5 – Get Social Interaction Yourself

It is important to make sure your children are socially active, but yourself too.  Many homeschooling parents are stay-at-home or work-at-home parents.  To prevent yourself from becoming too isolated, stay active.  If you aren’t already, make it your New Year’s resolution.  In addition to joining a homeschooling group, look for other mom groups in your community, trade phone numbers with other parents at the park or join a gym.

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