One toy this year that’s fun for kids and adults alike is the Air Hogs Laser-Guided Wall Climbing Race Car. This car can do something that ordinary race cars can’t do and as soon as it’s unboxed, it’s a big hit.

That’s because, while it can easily run on the floor, it has the ability to race right up a wall. This race car can defy gravity so well that it can even run across the ceiling. It can do this thanks to the laser that’s used to control the car.

This laser allows you to send the car in any direction at a high rate of speed. All you have to do is to place the car wherever you want it and then point the laser beam in front of it.

The car will pick up on this beam, then follow right along any direction that the beam directs it. The toy is able to climb walls because it has the Wall Climber Technology built in.

This is what gives the vehicle a bit of suction power to enable it to hold on. It’s also what makes it easy for the car to be able to handle smooth driving surfaces. If your walls are paneled or they’re just not smooth, you might have a little more difficulty operating the car on them.

The car comes with a controller that’s used to guide the car. All you have to do is engage the trigger and then point. It’s that easy. If you’re a parent who’s worried about the danger of a laser pointer, the laser isn’t real.

Instead, it’s an LED light. Anyone who wants to drive the car doesn’t have to be experienced with any kind of remote controlled vehicles because this one is super easy to play with.

You will need to make sure that stay you within a certain radius of the car so that the IR sensors can pick up on the beam. Using the controller, kids can make the car turn on a dime or even spin around and head the same direction it came from.

As long as they’re within at least 6 feet of the car, they can move it anywhere they want it to go. If there are decorations on the wall such as picture frames, the car can easily navigate around these as directed. 

Air Hogs Laser

The vehicle is not heavy enough to make anything fall off the wall. You will need batteries to be able to operate this toy. The car is USB rechargeable, but the controller uses three of the AAA batteries.

The car cannot be used outdoors because it’s only made for indoor use. The toy comes with the vehicle, the controller, the charger and instructions. It’s a great gift for the 2021 holiday season!

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