Christmas is the day for beautiful surprises and that’s just what the Shany All in One Makeup Bundle delivers. You can order this makeup bundle for someone special and watch them be delighted when they open their gift.

The makeup and accessories in this bundle make great gifts for teens as well as for moms and other family members or friends. The bundles can also be opened and wrapped as separate gifts or put in stockings, too, but many people prefer to give the bundle as one gift.

The bundle is a mystery box, so you never know what’s going to be inside of it when you order, which is part of the charm of the product. But inside the box, what’s included is a variety of different beauty products within the line.

So that means that customers won’t get to choose the colors or the items. The choices are determined when the box is pre-packaged. You’ll get a beautiful makeup brush set that’s soft and designed for comfort.

You also receive a pouch for storing the makeup brushes to keep them organized as well as clean. A large makeup palette comes in the bundle, but can vary in amount and size, depending on each box’s content.

All in One Makeup Bundle

This palette will have a variety of colors and these colors can also vary according to what’s selected in the box. The eyeshadow choices are plentiful, beautiful and all of them have great pigmentation.

Users can apply them in the morning, and they’ll last all day long. Also commonly included in this gift package are blotting papers. This beauty tool is what helps to absorb the oil from your face so that the makeup remains on longer.

The package of these oil blotters is a nice quantity. You get 400 in all. There’s a lip gloss set in many of these bundles and these colors, like the eye shadows, will also vary.

When the bundle is selected, you can receive any item that the manufacturer sells and has at the moment. So it might be something that just came out on their makeup market.

But it also might be something that’s one of their long-selling classic items. These bundles are chosen by the manufacturer based on available selection as well as overstock.

What can come in the bundles are both sample size as well as full size products. You might get individual cosmetics as well as full sets. Facial cleaners may be included in the package.

Some of the boxes will include beauty products for nails including nail polish, accessories and nail art. These makeup products are vegan and none of them are tested on animals. 

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