There have been some major changes to Black Friday, thanks to the way society has had to react to the outbreak of Covid. Nearly every retailer has had to take a step back and make changes in order to be able to conduct business safely.

Because of this, Amazon rearranged the normal sales events it usually puts on starting with their Prime Day. There won?t be the same schedule for Prime Day or Black Friday sales starting on the day after Thanksgiving.

Everything is going to be much earlier than that traditional day. The company revealed that Black Friday sales for the online retailer will begin in October rather than in November.

Those who are looking to take home some great gifts for family and friends as well as a few goodies for themselves will need to gear up for this special event. Instead of a day to get some shopping in, Amazon will begin their sales the final week in October.

The site won?t shut down these sales quickly, either. Shoppers will be able to buy great gifts at discounted prices for 21 days. During this sales event, the retailer will release offers at huge savings every single week for the 21 day period.

The way that Amazon has structured this sale will make it run right into its Cyber Monday event, which takes place at the end of November. So these two sales will end up butting right into each other.

For shoppers, that means continual sales from Prime Day to Black Friday and then right into Cyber Monday. A bonus change that?s in the works is that there will be something known as the early event.

This is what will take place before the arrival of Black Friday. Normally, the best sales go solely to the those who hold Prime memberships. But this year in 2020, Amazon may let shoppers who don?t have a Prime account have access to some of the same deals.

There?s no word yet on which deals these customers will be able to get. However, as always, there will still be Prime only deals. The reason that Amazon has made these changes is due in part to the economic fallout for consumers.

But it?s also being done as a way for the retailer to gain more loyal customers and possibly welcome new shoppers to their Prime membership. Because there?s been no concrete announcement concerning the exact date or time for Amazon?s big sales, aside from Prime Day from October 13-14, there?s still a lot of speculation.

This is why it?s best for shoppers to check for announcements regularly. But since many other retailers have publicly stated that their sales will begin in October, the odds are that Amazon will also join in.

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