Retailers have had an uphill battle since the pandemic started. Many saw a sudden surge in sales as people stocked up or made significant changes to their home life and had to buy other supplies.

Other retailers saw sales dry up to the point they ended up out of business. Those that held on are still having a difficult time because the profits they’ve managed to make aren’t covering the overhead.

Because of how businesses have been affected, you can expect that Black Friday this year is going to be filled with both great as well as not so great offers. Bigger retailers like Walmart and Amazon are going to be able to afford to offer steep savings.

Smaller businesses won’t be able to offer this same option. Many people are turning to strictly online ordering for this shopping holiday. You might be pretty savvy with online shopping by now or you might be someone who?s not really sure how you can get the best savings.

There are some strategies that you can use to make sure you get the best deals. You’ll want make sure those you buy from are legit. Sometimes scammers will set up shop on larger retail platforms that allow third party sales and the merchandise ends up not being as stated or damaged.

Check out every seller by their ratings, by customer feedback and by what they’ve sold prior to the sales event. Buying from brand new sellers may require extra caution. If you can?t find anything about the store or seller you’re thinking of buying from, just run a quick check for the site name and see if anything negative comes up.

Your first strategy is to make sure you have a little more money than you expect to spend because there will always be deals that are too good to leave on the table. You might as well take those while you can save money.

When the sales event hits, always target electronics and toys first. These are the two categories that sell out of stock the quickest. You’ll want to pay close attention to things like game bundles with items like the Xbox, which has an upcoming release.

These are going to fly out of stock quickly. Also watch out for the Nintendo Switch. Game consoles always make the top 5 most sold items on Black Friday. Pay attention to the sales on things like iPads and smart phones.

If you want something like that, shop that category as soon as the sale goes live. Apple products like the Apple Watch are one of the main contenders for selling out because when they go on sale, you can expect a decent savings. You?ll also want to watch items like tablets, doorbell cameras, virtual assistant devices, and home connection security measures.

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