Preparing for the Season: The Checklist

In preparing a celebration to commemorate Xmas with your household, there are things that you need to take into account as well as plan for. These factors are required to ensure that you will certainly be able to arrange an enjoyable event while at the same time having the ability to preserve the spirit of Xmas in everybody’s lives.

a. The Theme.

The most important factor of all when it comes to any type of party is the theme. It is important for you to determine what type of party you are planning to have. First and foremost, you should determine whether your party should either be formal or informal. You may also opt for a special themed party, such as a white Christmas party and enjoy a cold Christmas with your guests. A pool party or a garage party may also be ideal, depending on your preference and desires as the organizer.

How To Celebrate Christmas Party

b. Location and Venue

For location and venue, it is obviously necessary to find a place which is readily accessible to everyone whom you intend to invite. It must also be a place that will be able to easily manage your target number of guests and must have enough space for other activities depending on the types of activities you have planned. Make sure of course that the venue of your party will be fully decorated and designed in accordance with the theme of your Christmas Party. The venue may be in a rented function room. This is mostly done in hotels or restaurants. Some opt to have their Christmas parties done at their own home. Either way, the location should be easy for the guests to find, especially with the possibility of inclement weather during Christmas season which makes for bad driving conditions. Also, remember to make the necessary decorations in order for the venue to have the Christmas ambiance.

c. Date

Choosing the best date is often the biggest problem, especially during such a season where festivities are practically everywhere. Choose a date where—if not everyone, then most of your guests are able to attend, preferably a weekend. The time itself is not as much of a factor as people are generally open with their schedules on weekends. Evening hours are generally the best.

d. Menu

The menu often depends on the agreement of the organizer and its attendees. In a simple Christmas gathering, people go for pot-lock style, wherein everyone attending the party brings a food to share with everyone. Others meanwhile go for buffet. You may also opt to cook the food you intend to serve. Either way, make sure that it is something that will be enjoyed by the guests and not just because its something you personally like. Despite this, you should also make sure that the menu you are planning to serve must be enough to satisfy not only your guests but also your budget. Always keep in mind that despite the importance of food at the party, it must not compromise the rest of the budget and must also compliment the theme of the party you are having. It should also contain certain special dishes that are in accordance with the season.

How To Celebrate Christmas Party

e. Entertainment

In preparing any party for that matter, it is important that you prepare a program which everyone will be able to participate in and enjoy. Try to come up with an itinerary with an estimated schedule, in order to make sure that there will be enough time to conduct the entire program properly and accordingly without making it look like a rushed party

If the party you are conducting is meant for children, make sure to have parlour games so that the children will be able to enjoy the event. If the party is for your colleagues on the other hand, make sure to have some form of entertainment through various performances that will keep them happy and entertained especially while they are enjoying their meal.

f. Dress code

Most often, party themes will dictate the dress code. Are you planning to have a formal party, or perhaps a costume party? Your dress code must conform to the theme that you opt to have. A formal party would usually require cocktail dresses and smart casual clothes, while an informal party would require casual clothing which everyone will feel most comfortable wearing, especially if they are participating in games. You may also opt for a costume party where your guests will be able to dress up in their preferred costumes and portray their favourite characters. Either way, the dress code must be arranged in accordance to the theme of the party.

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