Decorating a Christmas stocking for everyone in the family is a favorite tradition in many families. Each person decorates the stocking and adds personal touches that show the kind of things they enjoy out of life.

Christmas stocking

You don’t have to have any artistic ability to make a Christmas stocking that reflects who you are. With all the traditional red and white stockings for sale, you can certainly go that route, but a plain stocking is sort of like a one size fits all article of clothing. It’s made to fit one in a crowd, not made to stand out from the crowd.

Why settle for the same kind of Christmas stocking that everyone else is also buying or making? Let who you are shine right down to all the decorations you use for the Christmas holiday.

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Start with a plain Christmas stocking in your favorite color – you might have to hunt for one since the red and white ones are the most traditional colors-but they are out there. Once you find it, you can write your name across the top of the stocking using a rainbow of glitter glue found in those handy no drip glue pens.

Or you can write your name out in regular school glue and then sprinkle glitter or rhinestones in the glue. If you choose to do it with the regular glue, the stocking will take at least forty eight hours to dry completely.

You can then write or draw whatever you want on the bottom of the stocking. Muslin stockings work best for drawing artwork directly on the material. If you do pick out a muslin stocking, though, make sure you put a thick piece of cardboard inside the stocking before you draw anything. Otherwise, the colors will bleed through to the back of the stocking.

If drawing isn’t your area of interest, then you can sew on appliqué cut outs of Christmas designs such as gingerbread houses, snowmen etc. You can also make muslin quilt stockings by sewing on quilt squares to make miniature Christmas quilts.

If you’re into music, you can even make music note quilts. Or for less sewing, you can simply iron on your favorite designs or use transfer patterns. With transfer patterns, you iron them on and then trace around the design with fabric paint.

If you would prefer not to make a Christmas stocking, then you can buy one that reflects your personality. Are you a racecar fan? You can buy your favorite racecar stocking. If you’re a die-hard football fan, then you can buy your favorite team stocking and proudly display your team spirit throughout the season. There are Christmas stockings available that will reflect your personality.

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