The various types of decoration used at Christmas are what gives a pretty and sparkling look, and what puts some splendor into the season.

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The Christmas tree with its myriad decorations is a standard and central decorative element of Christmas. But the presence of the Christmas tree is also enhanced by decorations such as wreaths, garlands, lights and figurines.

Wreaths have a round or circular shape and are often used as the decorative piece on the front of a door. Variations of wreaths include berry, grapevine, poinsettia and snow. The berry wreath will have individual and small clusters of red berries, holly leaves with features like a gold tint, pine cones and needle styles. A grapevine wreath has a vine-like look and may have pine sprigs and clusters of red berry.

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Poinsettia wreaths showcase leaves that are red or different shades of red, and may have glittered fruits such as pear, apple and grape clusters throughout its structure. Based on the size of a poinsettia wreath, it may also have large or small pine cones, pine sprigs and holly leaves. And then there are snow wreaths that have an icy look from pine cones that are sprinkled or covered with snow and which are scattered throughout the wreath.

Garlands are primarily used to decorate stairways, banisters and mantels. Garlands also have variations such as those that have a lighted Christmas tree look with twinkling lights and tiny ornaments or tinsel to sparkle. Others such as a mixed needle lighted garland would have branches of wide and thin pine needle and Christmas lights.

Christmas lights come in various forms and are also used in numerous ways to make homes and business places shine and sparkle during the holidays.

Christmas lights may be colored or plain, may or may not twinkle, and may be single-stringed or have multiple strings to be hung to create a look like icicles, which makes them very flexible in how they can be used.

To beautify houses during the Christmas season, Christmas lights may be strung around the roof line, in shrubs, placed at windows to form different patterns and placed on patios or porches to hang as icicles. Lighted candles are also used in windows to make them visually appealing.

Another type of lighted decoration seen during Christmas is in the form of figures that are placed on lawns. It’s a matter of personal taste that decides how many figures to place on lawns, whether a lot or a few pieces or sometimes just a single one may be attractive enough.

Christmas trees are the standard decorative elements that are mandatory during the season. They may be real or artificial and can be placed inside or outside.

If placed outside, they should be lighted and also in a sufficiently lit but subdued lighted area to maximize their visual beauty. Christmas trees are wonderful to decorate because the entire family can participate in the decorative process by placing the ornaments, baubles, lights and tinsel on the tree. Some ornaments may even be personal, such as hand-made items or treasured keepsake mementos. When these are placed on the tree every year, it can become a tradition that is kept in the family and which creates a special memory as each Christmas comes around.

Poinsettia flowers, with their flaming red leaves, are also a staple decoration at Christmas time. They can be placed wherever it’s suitable to place plants. Poinsettias are commonly used around offices in general and personal work spaces during the Christmas season.

If there’s snow and a lucky ‘White Christmas,’ especially on Christmas Day, then it’s worth it to bundle up and with the children jump into the snow to make a ‘Frosty Snowman.’ While a smiling snowman on a lawn is a temporary decorative feature during Christmas, it’s always a surprise and
delight because it means that children were out playing in the snow and having fun.

Given the many types, variations and ways in which Christmas decorations can be used, everyone can have some pleasure and be creative in arranging some form of Christmas decoration to add their own sparkle and twinkle to the holidays.

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