We all have seen films like The Christmas Carol and what life would be like if this was your last day or Christmas. What would you do if you left earth after this holiday? Would you celebrate differently, or change a few things, like not spending so much time in the mall or cooking?

Loving More

Step outside the craziness of life, work, and love people more. I am a canceller of dates during this time even more due to stress. But relationships can take a huge hit, so maybe this time we can make that lunch with a friend or love one, instead of sending a mass texts ‘Merry Christmas.’ How lame.


Researchers have found that practicing gratitude makes you happier in life. What happened in your life this year that was a blessing? Say five things you are thankful for. This can be your family, job, or cuddling with a grumpy cat stuffed toy or your real pets.


If this was your last Christmas would you spend all your time or energy at the stores and shopping? When thinking about this, it puts things in perspective how much we buy and love things.


Forgiveness is another one we like to tuck away. This is an opportunity for you to humble yourself, and clear the burden and bitterness unforgiveness causes, List three people you would need to forgive, and in your heart you know who they are.

A Legacy

What legacy would you try to leave, are there organizations or families that need you now? This year think of who you want to bless in addition to monetary blessings.

Fear Not

This would be a good time to conquer fears. Try skiing, golfing, or skydiving. Do something that you always wanted to do, but were afraid of trying.

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