You probably watched these classic animated Christmas shows when you were a little child – and now it’s time to pass on the sweetness and nostalgia of these much loved shows.

Frosty the Snowman is one of the shows that delights kids to adults and is spellbinding with the magic of a snowman coming to life, thanks to a magician’s hat. The kids built the snowman they called Frosty and are delighted with their creation as they join hands and sing songs around him.

But they have to get Frosty to the North Pole or the higher temperatures will cause him to melt. One of the children gets onboard a train headed to the North Pole with the magician hot on their trail to get his hat back.

While on the train, in the ice cream car, Frosty knows he has to get the little girl out of the cold car, so he and the magician’s rabbit, Hocus Pocus jump train and set off on foot. This movie has plenty of cute sing along songs and kids will love the simple story of a snowman who comes to life with every Christmas snow.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is another Christmas show that’s a classic. This timeless show will become one that your family will watch several times in one season. This is the story about a reindeer who is picked on and made fun of by the other reindeer because his appearance is different.

But it’s his appearance that ends up saving Christmas when Santa Claus needs him to pull the sleigh through the foggy night in order to get the toys to the boys and girls on time for Christmas morning.

Santa Claus is Comin to Town is a classic that remains a favorite in stop motion animation. This movie is the story of Santa Claus – but with a bit of a twist. It teaches us how Kris Kringle became Santa.

The town of Sombertown is dark and gloomy because the Burgermeister has outlawed all toys. Kris brings toys to the kids and meets the schoolteacher Jessica. Through his determination to bring the joy of toys to the children, Kris returns to the town despite having barely escaped from the Burgermeister.

When he, along with his friends and the Winter Warlock are captured, Jessica saves them by giving the reindeer feed corn, which makes them fly. Kris changes his name to Santa Claus and Jessica ends up becoming Mrs. Claus.

Frosty Returns is the delightful Christmas show that has Frosty back to save the snow. When a spray is developed that can quickly get rid of snow, Frosty knows that he has to do something to stop Mr. Twitchell, the inventor of the spray. Teamed up with a little girl named Holly who helps the townspeople rethink how they feel about snow, Frosty once again delivers that holiday magic.

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