Beautiful nails are a holiday season accessory. This year, you can give someone the gift of great looking nails without the high cost or inconvenience of going to a salon with the Gel Nail Kit.

Plus, the gel polish is long lasting and quick drying. Included within the kit are some of the same tools that are used in professional nail salons along with a pouch for storing the tools.

The manicure accessories that come with the kit include emery boards so that they can shape their nails as desired. A cuticle remover is included with the set as well as a cuticle remover product.

This product will eliminate any dead skin. Using this helps keep the skin from adhering to the nails and helps prevent getting polish onto the cuticles. Professional nail clippers are part of this kit as is a fingernail brush.

Toe separators are included as well so that people can get that neat salon look without accidental nail polish contact and smudge that can occur between toes. The kit provides the UV light and it comes with a total of three settings to choose from to dry nails so they don’t smudge.

People can select between 30, 60 or 120 seconds of drying time so users can customize their preferences. The lamp is designed with a 180 degree angle, which helps to dry the nails smoothly and simultaneously.

There’s a smart sensor in the lamp. It will only activate the drying light when the user puts a hand in. Because there’s no bottom to this style lamp, users won’t have to worry about fitting a hand under the light.

Plus, this makes it more convenient to be able to take it along and use this beauty tool anywhere. There are a total of six different colors of gel nail polish with this kit. Two of the colors are pale glitter colors, but the color choices can be expanded separately and the lamp also used with any color.

In addition to the six colors, you also receive three bottles of the top coat, which helps to give nails that salon shine as well as long lasting durability. Various nail art designs are part of the kit, too.

The polish is toxin free and doesn’t contain additives that will harm the nails. When the gel polish is applied correctly, users can expect that their nails will still look freshly done even weeks later.

Before applying the polish, you should make sure that the nails are both oil and lotion free. Taking the gel polish off is easy. You simply buff, then soak the nail in the remover and the gel comes off.

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