Humorous Christmas movies bring some laughter in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and there’s no better way to have some fun than by watching Home Alone. What kid hasn’t ever wished his family would go away and leave him in peace?

That’s s exactly what happens in Home Alone, a hysterically funny movie. It’s the holidays and the entire family is headed off to a planned fantastic vacation in Paris. Except chaos begins to unfold before they even leave the home.

Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) is the adorable 8-year-old boy in the movie who gets into a spat with his brother Buzz. Kevin is always taking the brunt of the teasing and he?s fed up.

After the spat, he gets blamed and is sent upstairs as punishment. While he’s upstairs, Kevin has the wish that his family would vanish. Night falls on the house and while everyone is asleep, the power goes out, which causes the alarm clocks the family so carefully set to fail to wake them up.

Knowing that if they don’t hurry up, they’ll miss their flight to Paris, the family runs around frantically trying to get everything ready. During this rush around scene, it?s forgotten that Kevin is upstairs.

The family reaches the airport and rushes to board their plane in the nick of time. While on board the plane, the mother realizes they?ve left Kevin behind and screams out his name in horrified panic.

But Kevin, upon discovering that his family is gone and he’s king of the house, is ecstatic. He tears up his brother?s room, and pigs out on junk food. While he’s at the home alone, he ends up having to battle The Wet Bandits ? home robbers who are in the neighborhood and decides that it?s up to him to protect the house since the family is away.

What ensues after that is a series of laugh out loud moments as he repeatedly foils the attempts of the burglars who are brilliantly played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. The iron scene alone is worth watching the movie.

Kevin’s mom does everything she can to get home to him ? including sharing a ride with John Candy. When mother and son are reunited, the moment is as sweet and tender as the rest of the movie is funny.

Home Alone was such a box office success that sequels were made. The sequels were Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Home Alone 3, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House and Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark. But the fifth installment is an ABC special made for the Christmas season viewing.

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