Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?  If so, you are one of millions of Americans who have set this goal.  Unfortunately, most give up their quest to lose weight in just a few months.  If you are serious about losing weight, you do not want this to happen.  So, how do you ensure your meet your New Year’s goal of losing weight?

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Write down your New Year’s resolution.  For many, simply saying “I want to lose weight,” isn’t enough.  Many Americans lead hectic lives, so it is easy to forget.  Instead, write down your resolution.  Not only that, write it down many times and place it in different locations.  Consider your weaknesses.  Do you head to the cookie jar in the middle of the night or do you head to the refrigerator when stressed out?  Put small sticky notes reminding you of your New Year’s resolution.  That second thought can prevent you from overeating or eating unhealthy foods.

Give it time.  It is important to remember the phrase “New Year.”  You are making the resolution to lose weight, but for the entire year.  This is an important fact that many seem to forget.  Losing weight takes time.  The more you weigh, the more time you will spend shedding extra pounds.  For that reason, give it time.  Don’t expect to lose 50 pounds in one month.  Unless you opt for gastric bypass surgery, it will not happen.  Achieving your New Year’s resolution isn’t a race, so don’t make it one.

Don’t give up.  As previously stated, weight loss is not something that can be achieved overnight or even in a month.  Unfortunately, this is not what most want to hear.  If you are obese, it can literally take you all year to slim down.  During that time, you will experience many ups and downs.  One week you may lose 5 pounds and the next you may gain 2.  Despite the frustration, don’t give up.  If you want to achieve your New Year’s resolution weight loss goal, you need to stay focused and on task, no matter how hard it is.

Have a friend help.  Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions.  As previously stated, weight loss is a common one.  If you know of someone, like a close friend or family member, who also has the same resolution, rely on them for help.  Make that person your workout buddy.  Start taking daily walks or jogs together.  If you weakness is buying unhealthy foods at the grocery store, go shopping with your weight loss buddy.  Those who have a strong support system are more likely to achieve their weight loss goal and turn their New Year’s resolution into a reality.

Create mini-goals.  New Years resolutions are all about taking one big thing in your life and changing it.  Your goal is to lose weight, but it isn’t as simple as saying “I want to lose weight.”  You need to create mini-goals for yourself.  The best approach to take is to start with the month of January.  For week one, start exercising.  For week two, start buying healthy foods at the store.  For week three, start eating healthy.  When you tackle weight loss one step at a time, you are more likely to achieve your goal.

Try again.  Many people are unable to meet their New Years resolutions.  In fact, some stop trying after only a month or two.  If that happens, remember that it is possible to start from scratch again.  A New Year’s resolution isn’t a race; you have all year to meet your weight loss goal.  So, even if it involves starting again in July, you can still meet your New Year’s goal.

In short, weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but it is also the one that most individuals give up on.  By creating mini-goals, enlisting the help of a friend, giving it time, and not giving up, your New Years resolution will no longer be just a goal, but a reality.

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