If you’ve never seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, then you’ve missed out on a movie that will make you laugh harder than you can ever remember laughing. The National Lampoon movies are a rite of passage that everyone should experience.

From the first moment, this movie delivers a barrel of laughs with the funny one liners, slapstick humor and the relatives no one wants to have around. This movie will quickly become one of your holiday favorites – plus, it makes a great Christmas gift, too.

The chaos with our favorite funny family begins when the Griswolds decide to stay at home rather than risk another messed up family vacation. But of course, the chaos simply comes home to roost.

A peaceful Christmas is what Clark Griswold thought he?d get – but if you?re familiar with the National Lampoon movies, then you’ll already know that what the family gets is anything but a peaceful Christmas.

When family come for the holidays, it only adds to the hilarious chaos and some of the scenes in the movie are so funny, you?ll find yourself pausing to replay them. The dinner scene is one and the manic squirrel is another scene you?ll watch again and again.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

With the sledding saucer scene and the wacky cousin talking about the replacement plate in his head, you?ll laugh out loud as Clark has the ride of his life from Walmart. The wacky cousin played by Randy Quaid is done with such over the top perfection you?ll be thanking your lucky stars this guy isn?t in your family. His funny antics almost steal every scene he?s in, but especially the cat scene. The movie is worth watching just for that.

When Clark is speaking at the window while looking out, at first you think he?s going to speak with fondness and nostalgia about the holidays but instead, he?s focusing on the cousin who?s decided to empty out the portable potty into the storm drain. The expression on the snooty neighbor?s face is priceless in this scene.

The entire movie is kind of a take on the whole Christmas Scrooge idea – with of course, Clark?s boss being Scrooge when he doesn?t give him the bonus that Clark was counting on getting.

When Clark flips out after not getting the check he needed, it?s the wacky relatives who come up with the hilarious plan to get Clark what he deserves. This movie is a fun way to look at holidays spent with the relatives you sometimes wish you didn?t have, but have learned to appreciate!

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