Is your New Year’s resolution to have a clean house?  It may be.  With hectic lives, busy work schedules, and kids, many Americans find themselves living in a mess.  Although most homes are “clean,” may are cluttered.  Is yours one of them?  If so, don’t only make the resolution to clean your house, but turn it into a reality.  For tips on how to do so, please continue reading on.

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So, have you made your New Year’s resolution to be a clean house?  If so, one of the first things you want to do is write it down.  Verbal resolutions are often pushed to the back of the mind and forgot about.  Don’t let this happen.  Write down your New Year’s resolution and place in a prominent location, such on your refrigerator.  That written note can serve as your motivation.  Each time you see it, you will be reminded of your goal.

After writing down your New Year’s resolution to have a clean house, you need to share it with others.  This is important as you cannot be solely responsible for a clean house.  Do you have a spouse, a live-in partner, or children?  They need to help too.  Talk to your children about keeping their toys picked up, your husband about putting dirty clothes in the hamper, or your wife about keeping the dishwasher filled and running.  When all home occupants are onboard, it will be easier for you to achieve your New Year’s goal of having a clean house.

After deciding on a New Year’s resolution and sharing it with your family, you may be ready to get started with cleaning.  But, wait!  You should first do a few things.  For starters, it is important to know that a clean house is nice, but it will not last.  Old habits are hard to break.  That is why it is important to discuss your New Year’s resolution with your family.  Do your children leave their toys lying around?  Encourage them to put them away afterwards, and so forth.  You too, need to make important changes.  What are your weakness?  Do you let dishes pile up in the sink?  Do you toss dirty clothes on the floor?  Make the change.

As previously stated, many Americas actually have clean houses.  For some, an unclean house is more than dirt and grime.  Too much clutter can translate into an unclean and possibly unsafe home.  To reduce clutter and make it easier to keep a clean and organized home, examine tools available for sale.  For example, Rubbermaid has a number of closet organizers for sale.  There are storage shelves designed for sheds and garages, and so forth.  Whether you need to organize under your kitchen sink, a playroom, or the bathroom, you should be able to find a tool to help you get started.

So, why should you buy organizational tools?  Because the make it easier to break old habits.  If you or someone in your family is known for kicking off shoes wherever, buy a shoe organizer.  There are small shelves available for sale, as well as hanging shoe organizers with pouches.  If you are concerned with costs, look for items that are on sale or wait and save money.  Most individuals mistakenly believe they need to meet their New Year’s resolution as soon as possible.  Can’t afford to buy a closet organizer until May?  So what?  At least you are taking steps to have a clean and organized home.

Although most unclean homes are due to clutter, there is no harm in cleaning.  In fact, you should do both.  When organizing a hallway closet, take all items out.  Dust the closet and then quickly vacuum the floor.  Before putting item back in, look at use.  Donate, sell, or throw away anything your family no longer needs.  When you combine cleanliness with organization, you are not only going to make your New Year’s resolution a reality, but a lifelong habit.

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