This New Year, you may be like most Americans and make a resolution.  If so, your New Year’s resolution may be to get organized.  Organization is a problem that many have and want to fix.  What better time to get organized and start fresh than the New Year?

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Taking the step of declaring organization as your New Year’s resolution is a huge step.  You should be proud.  If you want to increase your pride and see success, you need to do more than just say “I want to get organized,” you need to make it happen.  So, how you do transform your New Year’s resolution from a goal into a reality?

Determine what areas you want to organize.  This is important as organization is difficult if you do not have a plan of attack.  You are more likely to see success when you have a guide to follow.  Start that guide by determining which areas of your life you want to organize.  Do you want to de-clutter your bedroom, clean out your car, or organize your office?

Create a to-do list.  As previously stated, being organized involves a lot more than targeting just one room.  Some want to do their whole house, office, and car.  If you are one of those individuals, create a to-do list.  This will increase your chances of success.  Having a guide to follow is important.  To make your to-do list, start with the above mentioned headings.  Write down each area of your home you want to clean, as well as your car, office, garage, pool house, and so forth.

Create a plan of action.  The first step in becoming organized is to rid yourself of clutter.  You need to find an appropriate place for items.  For example, eliminate that stack of files on your office desk by purchasing a filing cabinet.  In your home, you may need to get rid of things or move items around, like into storage.  For your home, be sure to have a clear plan in place, as this is the hardest place to get organized.  Have a pile for things you want to throw away, donate, or sell.

Expand your to-list.  As previously stated, you should create a bunch of headings for your to-do list.  For example, your child’s bedroom or playroom.  Before setting foot inside the room to clean and organize, know what you need to do.  This keeps a project that should only take two days from turning into a two-week project.  Your detailed list can include sorting your child’s clothes and donating those that no longer fit, collecting old toys to sell or donate, and so forth.

Take it one step at a time.  As mentioned above, being organized is a huge, but important task.  If you want to organize and de-clutter your entire home, it could take you months.  If you try to rush the process, you will get overwhelmed and see poor results.  Does it take a month for you to clean out and organize your garage?  If so, that is fine as long as it gets done.  When dealing with your entire house, start with one room and work your way out.  If using a to-do list, cross each task off once you finish.

Share your New Year’s resolution with others.  Organizing your home and keeping it organized is not something that can be done alone.  Not only share your New Year’s resolution with others in your home or office, but share a few tips on how they can help.  For example, is your husband known for tossing mail off to the side?  Buy a desktop sorter and encourage him to use it.  Do you have a small child?  They are never too young to learn about cleaning up their toys or helping in the process.

Practice healthy habits.  You can organize your garage, but it can be unorganized in as little as two months if you aren’t careful.  That is why you should use organization tools to your advantage, like storage shelves.  These great tools, when combined with use, can ensure you not only meet your New Year’s resolution of getting organized, but make it a lifelong habit.

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