It’s not often that a new console comes out, but when it does, it’s a big deal. The new PS5 is a substantial upgrade from the PS4, which came out in 2016. The PS5 will play all of the latest games, and will be backwards compatible with the PS4 library.

With brand new hardware putting out cutting edge graphics, the PS5 is sure to be a hit with any gamers this holiday season. There are two main versions of the PS5. There’s the standard edition, and the digital edition.

The main difference between the two is that the standard edition has a disc slot, so you can play physically purchased games, while the digital edition only plays downloaded games.

The benefit of the digital edition is that it’s a bit slimmer and is also cheaper than the standard edition. Essentially, all of the new games coming to PS5 will be available for digital download, so the digital edition won’t be missing out on any major releases, but some people still prefer having a physical game library with discs and cases to pull from.

Either way, the console still performs just as well with its powerful hardware. Every part of the PS5 is more powerful than the previous PS4. The new CPU runs faster, enabling gamers to run more demanding, visually impressive and complex games.

The graphics processor is high end, and can output impressive stats for the graphics in all ways. It’s capable of running at 4K resolutions, and even up to 8K, which is a rarity. This means you’ll see extremely high definition gameplay consistently.

Typically, with resolutions that high, you’d see a sacrifice in the frames per second, or FPS. However, that’s not the case here. The PS5 runs at 120 FPS and a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes things look incredibly smooth and fluid.

Combine the resolution with the high framerate, and you get ultra-realistic gameplay. The PS5 peripherals have also been upgraded significantly. The PS5 control is more comfortable than ever, and has some interesting features.

It has haptic feedback spread throughout the controller, meaning that you’ll feel the rumble features wherever it’s actually appearing on screen, and at varying amounts depending on what’s happening.

It also has adaptive trigger buttons on the back. This means that you may have to apply more pressure as you pull the trigger back, depending on what’s happening. If you’re pulling a bowstring in the game, you might feel it tighten further back on the trigger in real life.

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