Keeping visual records in pictures is long standing tradition in most families.

The images are taken, carefully labeled and dutifully stored away.  Taking snapshots of your Christmas moments are a good idea, but they can’t capture the animation, the sound of the holidays in real time. Making a Christmas video will not only give you years of enjoyment, but you can send a DVD of the video to family who couldn’t make it in to celebrate the holiday with you.

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When digital recorders first hit the market, they were bulky in craftsmanship and they were expensive on top of that. Now, though, digital recorders are affordable, lightweight and can easily be tucked away in a pocket to be pulled out. They’re ready to go (many in less than two seconds) and they can get that moment you want to save captured. They’re definitely a worthy investment.

These handy video recorders are compatible with computers. Once you capture the images, you can enhance them with fonts, background colors, online scrapbook pages and more.

You can share with your family and friends on all your social media sites and you can even digitally add Christmas music to the background. You can create virtual storybooks starring your family and they make great gifts even for the hard to please relative.

Unlike cameras, you don’t have to leave out one family member since someone has to take the picture and unlike cameras, you won’t get a blurred image of someone running to jump into the scene before the flash goes off.

With a video recorder, you can set it to record when you want it to record plus, with tripods, you can set it up in any room in your house. Make sure that whichever room you use has adequate lighting.

Make sure the room is neat and that any cups or plates from snacking aren’t showing up in the background. Make sure your video recorder has an adequate battery supply. Always keep extras on hand during the holidays.

You can record each event for Christmas – from the visiting to the opening of gifts to the sharing of holiday meals. When you purchase a video recorder, you want to aim for the top of the line.

Get the best quality video recorder that you can find to save your holiday memories. Don’t use your regular digital camera with video function because those are often grainy and out of focus.

With a video camera, you can also keep traditions alive. When recording your holiday memories, you can interview each family member and have them share their favorite holiday memory from both past and present Christmas celebrations. Have them talk about what traditions mean the most to them – this is a good way to pass those traditions down to the next generation.

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