How frustrating is it to plan the perfect holiday and get ready to purchase a sought after item like Christmas candles and you can’t find the scent you want because all of the good ones are gone?

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If you wait, you’ll get stuck with the leftovers – the ones that have been picked over and no one else wanted. Tradition has it that the biggest shopping day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving.

On that day, consumers all across America crowd into stores determined to bring home what they need at a bargain price. Or they jam Internet websites ordering items left and right and some sites have even crashed due to the enormous volume of visitors.

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Why do people put off buying what they need until the last minute? Until they have join the herd of people trying to shop? It’s certainly not fun. Part of the reason why we put off shopping (besides those of us who are procrastinators at heart) is because we fall into line and we follow tradition. What’s so great about a tradition that raises your blood pressure and creates mass clouds of rudeness? Nothing.

Don’t wait until the holidays are right in front of you to stock up on your Christmas candles. Don’t put yourself in the stressful position where you must get the candles. Get them early so you can relax.

Did you know the symbolism behind having candles at Christmastime? Years ago, candles were said to give light in order to keep bad things at bay. They were given as gifts to symbolize new beginnings and they were used as a symbol of bringing families together – hence the marriage unity candle you see in some wedding ceremonies.

You can see candles glowing in windows in some of the beautiful Christmas paintings we have today. The candles in the window symbolize welcoming loved ones home and giving light to help the lost on their way.

For those who chose to go with a Victorian theme to decorate their homes, miniature candles are often placed on the tree. But keep in mind those must be carefully watched and if you have small children or know that small children are going to be in attendance, save the lighting of the candles until they’re not around.

Candles lend an elegant touch to warm family gatherings as you dine for holiday dinners. You don’t want to have to settle for just any old candle when you go to purchase yours for this season of celebration. Go ahead and get yours now so that you can get the best of the selection before the crowds hit the shopping circuit and get all the best Christmas – candles not to mention the best buys!

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