Although adults like to receive gifts, many will readily forego the pleasure by sacrificing, if it means a small member of the family will be totally pleased and delighted with their Christmas gift. Seeing the sparkle of joy in children’s eyes when they receive a toy or other Christmas present certainly confirms that Christmas is for children. And after all, Santa brings gifts for all the good little boys and girls, not for moms and dads or other adults.

It was very humorous, as parents once related how on Christmas Day when their child opened a Christmas gift and was pleased, they pretended to be a bit saddened that Santa Claus didn’t bring them any Christmas present. The child responded, ‘Because you bad mummy and daddy. You make me stand in corner.’

Toys are therefore a significant part of Christmas. Parents go all out for
children, they make the extra effort to give children something really special such as what the child wishes, desires or longs for. It may be a toy such as a particular type of doll, a dream dollhouse or an item like a bike or train set, or motorized vehicle. The fun of getting a toy at Christmas begins earlier for children as they start to make their wish list and anticipate getting one or more of what they desire.

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For teenagers, the most desired toy may not be a toy in the real sense of the word. A toy, in today’s casual speech, can mean a favorite gadget such as an ultra-stylish cell phone, an iPod, MP3 player, electronic organizer or even a

Toy sales at Christmas play a major role in the economics of retailers in the toy industry. Toy makers use the Christmas season to release new and updated products with the hope of capturing a significant slice of the billions of dollars that consumers spend during the holidays.

The strategy among toy makers has been to release a new product that hope will be the ‘must-have’ toy for the season. Consequently, they try to create buzz about the product and have a specific release date, all with the hope that parents and other consumers will clamor for the item and even make it sold-out or hard to obtain as the season progresses. Such driving demand can easily justify a spike in the price of the item.

Toys have also evolved beyond dolls, trains and cars to be very interactive and educational. The popularity of educational toys and the presence of increased technology have combined to produce many toys that are highly

Receiving a toy as a gift at Christmas can play an important role in creating a lasting memory. When a child gets the right toy – one that is highly desired or is surprised by a wonderful toy – he or she will remember the feeling it brought for a lifetime and recall it whenever there’s talk of which Christmas was a favorite. It also helps to create a tradition as the child becomes an adult and wants to recapture a similar feeling by seeking to do the same for his or her own child.

Then, there are the children with a wish list that’s basically a hope to get something, any toy at Christmas. Many companies, businesses, churches and social organizations arrange to have members donate new and age appropriate toys that are distributed to children in need. Putting a smile on the faces of those children will create warm memories about Christmas and Santa Claus for them. And by participating in a charitable effort, the donors are themselves Santa Claus and spreaders of goodwill and cheer that embody the meaning of Christmas.

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