There are some Christmas stories that are great for the entire family – generation after generation – and one of those Christmas stories is The Muppet Christmas Carol. This movie is based on the beloved story written by Charles Dickens. The same plot that he wrote is followed in the movie with the exception of the adorable Muppet characters.

But the movie does bring the famous Muppet humor and also adds some cute, modern songs that kids will love. The movie is told through the Muppet Gonzo – and Rizzo the Rat is Gonzo’s narrating sidekick. The two of them have some funny one liners as the story is narrated.

Scrooge is played by well-known actor Michael Caine – and he plays it with such perfection. ?If they gave a prize for being mean, the winner would be him? is a line sung by some of the Muppets as Scrooge passes by. Mr. Caine has the dour expression of Scrooge down pat and walks with the arrogance of that famous Dickens? character.

Having the Muppets as characters in the retelling of this classic story is both brilliant and funny, with a sly nod toward the way that Miss Piggy would chase after Kermit the Frog on the Muppet Show. In the movie, Kermit plays Scrooge?s clerk, Mr. Cratchit and Miss Piggy gets to play his wife.

When two characters visit Scrooge seeking money to help give food to the poor, Scrooge sends them on their way without helping – despite the fact that he’s wealthy. That night, Scrooge gets a visit from two men that he was once in business with in the form of ghosts.

These Muppet characters, the two old men you saw on the Muppet Show who would make snarky comments in the balcony theater seats, are Marley and Marley and make their arrival bound in chains.

As they sing, they warn Scrooge that he’s going to end up like them if he doesn’t behave differently. They warn him that he’ll be haunted by three ghosts – starting with the first one visiting that evening.

One by one, these ghosts show Scrooge his life and what his future is going to be unless he amends the way he’s treated others. One of the ghosts takes him to see Mr. Cratchit?s home and he sees Tiny Tim, Cratchit’s crippled son.

Scrooge sees the warmth and love the Cratchits have, despite not having much in material possessions and very little money. After the visits by the ghosts, Scrooge decides he needs to change and he decides to give Mr. Cratchit a bigger salary.

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