This movie is a delightful family film that features Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a divorced father who gets his son, Charlie, for visitation over Christmas Eve. When his son comes over, Scott is determined to make a nice dinner, but ends up ruining it and has to take his son to a restaurant for dinner instead.

Later, when they hear a noise over their heads, Scott states that someone is on the roof. With excited delight, his young son suggests that perhaps it’s Santa Clause, but Scott doesn’t buy into the belief and brushes his son’s thought aside as he puts on his jacket.

He hurries out the door to go check on the noise. When he spots someone on the roof, he calls out and surprises the Santa who was near the chimney. Santa falls off and Scott’s young son tells his father that he?s killed Santa.

Scott fishes in Santa’s pocket and finds a card that states if something happens to him to put on the red suit and the reindeer would know what to do. They then see the reindeer and the sleigh standing by on the roof. Scott?s life begins to undergo a radical change once he puts on the suit.

The reindeer take Scott and his son to the North Pole where Scott learns about the Santa Clause, which makes him Santa because he’d put the suit on. The next day, a skeptical Scott thinks he’s dreamed up the entire previous night’s events, but changes begin to take place in Scott?s appearance.

He gains weight rapidly and his beard grows to a Santa like length. Nothing he does will stop the growth of the beard or the weight gain. When his colleagues first see the rapid weight gain and Scott showing up to work in a sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants, he deadpans that it?s from a bee sting.

Later on, after seeing the rate Scott devours food, his boss pointedly remarks about the weight gain that Scott should try some fruit. Scott’s new appearance and weird actions make his ex-wife feel that Scott is becoming mentally unstable. They get his visitation rights revoked, but Scott and Charlie manage to take off for the North Pole.

He?s later nabbed bringing gifts but freed from jail by elves. Because he’s given his ex-wife and her husband Christmas gifts with special meaning, they come to believe that Scott has indeed become Santa. This movie is magical and kids will love seeing all of the detail that went into creating the North Pole toy workshop.

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