As the first of the year quickly arrives, you may stop and think about the New Year.  If you are like many other Americans, you may opt for a New Year’s resolution.  But, what should it be?  How can you choose the perfect New Year’s resolution?

Tips for Choosing a New Year’s Resolution

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Look at the main aspects of your life.  These aspects are health, family, and finances.  Closely examine each and you may automatically get your New Year’s resolution.  Have you been letting your health slip?  If so, make a quest to eat healthy and visit the doctor more.  Have you been focusing too much on work?  If so, make your New Year’s resolution spending more time with family.  Are you in debt?  Make this your year to get out from under it.

Consider your stress sources.  We all have stress.  Unfortunately, many individuals mistakenly believe that stress in unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be.  Look at what causes you stress.  It is an unclean house, long hours at work, or limited financial resources?  In most cases, New Year’s resolutions are designed to change and improve one’s life.  Now is your chance to do so.  Examine your sources of stress and see what ones you can change.  For example, you can lose weight, improve your productivity at work so you don’t have to work late, spend more time with your family, or limit your purchases to get out of debt.

Pick one New Year’s resolution at a time.  As previously stated, you should look at the main aspects of your life and stress sources to decide on a New Years resolution.  Since stress is common and a lot causes it, you may automatically come up with three different New Years resolutions.  This is nice, but pick one and stick with it.  It is easy to get out of debt or lose weight, but you may find it too difficult to do both at the same time.  To increase your chances of making your New Year’s resolution true, don’t put too much on your plate.

Write down your options.  As mentioned above, it is common for many Americans to have many aspects of their lives they want to change.  Most want to have better relationships with their families, lose weight, or get out of debt.  Since you are encouraged to start with one goal at a time, write down all of your options.  Closely examine them and see what is most important to you.  That should be your New Year’s resolution.  Also, don’t throw your list of goals away.  Keep it.  If you meet your Near Year’s resolution early in the year, work on the rest of your list.

Choose a realistic New Year’s resolution.  One mistake that people make is aiming too high.  Yes, it is good to do so, but that often results in disappointment.  That disappointment causes many to stop trying all together.  Do you want to lose weight?  Good.  Instead of saying you must lose 30 pounds by March, give yourself the entire year.  This way you are not in a rush.  When you give yourself time to achieve your New Years resolution, you are more likely to see it become a reality.  If you set realistic goals, they will be easier to meet.  In fact, if you do so early, start working on other aspects of your life to improve.  You do not have to wait until New Year’s to make a change.

Many use New Years resolutions to make a big life change.  You do not have to do so too.  Are you in good shape, have a good relationship with your family, and are not in debt?  If so, you may not have a huge goal to set.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a New Year’s resolution.  Instead, think of something small, but meaningful.  For example, redecorating your home, buying Christmas gifts ahead of schedule, or helping others in need are unique, but good resolutions.

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