Whether they’re back home or still deployed overseas, you want to show the most love and affection for the soldiers in your life. Finding gifts for them can be difficult if they’re deployed, because there are some stringent regulations on what you can and cannot send into other countries.

Even when they’re home, military life doesn’t give them much time to find hobbies, so it can be a bit difficult to shop for them either way. There are, however, plenty of good gifts for any soldier whether they’re at home or away.

A flag and a proper display case for it is always going to be a good option. It not only serves as a source of patriotism and pride, but also as a reminder of their time in military service.

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You’ll most often find these cases and flags in the hands of veterans, and it would only make sense to gift it to someone coming out of a war. Once they get back to their home country, soldiers are often faced with the problem of not having nearly enough civilian clothes.

Be sure to stock up on plenty of civilian shirts, pants, shoes, and so on. This rather simple gift can be greatly appreciated, since it takes a lot of the worry about returning back to a normal life off of their shoulders.

If your soldier is still abroad, one of the best things that you can send them to support them is simply batteries. AA batteries are in rather short supply for them, and they’re needed in a wide variety of devices.

Batteries can help keep them entertained by powering their gadgets, and they can also help power important gear that they may need in combat. While overseas, many soldiers get homesick.

It’s hard being away from home for such a long period of time, not seeing family and all. If you can assemble a good scrapbook, and fill it with lots of memorable pictures of them and your family, it can help them feel like they have a little piece of home with them.

This can be such a great morale boost. Finally, any soldier would appreciate a good multitool. There are all different brands and styles, but a good rugged one that can take some abuse can help them out immensely.

These multitools come with a number of functions that they can use in all kinds of situations, and reduce the amount of items they need to carry regularly. Make sure you get one that’s durable and will last.

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