Teaching can certainly be a stressful and underappreciated job. Many teachers work for long hours with lower pay just to ensure that the next generation of kids have a good, solid foundation that they can build off of.

Whether you want to show appreciation to a teacher of yours or to someone in your life who is also a teacher, there are plenty of good gifts you can give them to make their lives easier.

First off, many teachers like to drink coffee most of the time. It really fuels them throughout the day, which can get a bit tiring at some points. A good mug or a more portable tumbler can help ensure that they?re able to take their caffeine with them wherever they go.

These are often pretty inexpensive, and you can probably get something somewhat personalized to them. A good quality tote bag would also be a good option. Teachers always need to have a lot of supplies on them, and they can?t carry that all with their hands alone.

You don?t want them to have a cheap bag that could tear and spill supplies everywhere, so make sure it’s something quality that can come in handy a good deal of the time. If you want to make their lives easier on the professional end, a portable laminator can really help them add some flair to the classroom.

Laminating things like study guides and other important, reusable documents can help expand the lifetime of a document by many years. This is especially true if they tend to teach younger students, who can have accidents and slip ups fairly easily.

With all the stressful factors in a job like that, teachers need some time to take a load off. If you’re able, getting them a coupon for a day at a nearby spa could mean the world to them.

They tend not to get these themselves – either because it’d be an unnecessary purchase or because they simply forget about it with all the hectic stuff going on around them. Regardless, it can definitely make a positive impact on their mental and physical well being.

Finally, there’s always the matter of extra supplies. Teachers are often expected to foot the bill on their own classroom supplies, which can mean buying plenty of extra tissues, pens, pencils, and so on. By gifting them a nice big basket of extra supplies, you?d be taking a big load off of their shoulders.

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