Many people prefer to add a bit of a personal touch to their Christmas gifts. It inserts some customization and it can often feel more directed at that person than a typical, more generic Christmas gift.

Personalized Christmas Gifts

There are tons of services nowadays that offer personalized products at an affordable price, giving you the opportunity to give someone something special without having to make something by hand.

One fairly common option is a keychain. It could be anything from your gift recipient’s name or initials to a message, such as “Best Dad Ever.” They’re usually pretty inexpensive, but with something that they carry around everywhere, it’ll always be just a little something to remind them of you.

You can either find these at malls, tourist destinations, or simply order it online. For the handyman in your life, a customized multitool could be a great purchase. Multitools always come in handy, especially if they do a lot of physical work, so a brand new one would be welcome anyways.

By personalizing it, you’re just adding that extra little touch that makes it their tool instead of just any other one and it helps if they work with others because it provides security in getting it returned or identified if lost.

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A slightly pricier option would be to get them a personally made portrait. Talented artists can take any picture you give them, and hand make a wonderful portrait, whether it be in a particular art style or simply something realistic.

This can be done with people and pets, making it a great way for them to decorate their place. With online services, you can purchase a customizable mug with a picture or text for someone.

This could include a beloved family portrait or a reassuring, personalized message. If they’re an avid coffee drinker, it’ll be the first thing they wake up to in the morning, allowing them to start their day off right.

You can get these at a fairly reasonable price, and they’ll last you awhile without deforming or ruining the picture. Finally, there’s always the option of some embroidered furniture.

This is most often good for people who have just started out in a new place and don’t exactly have a lot of furniture or other items. You can get pillows, towels, blankets, and more all embroidered with a name or initials to fully customize their household. It can be done by hand or via an online service, but either way it’ll add a special touch to their household.

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