Your favorite Christmas song speaks volumes about who you are – what kind of personality you exhibit. Whether you’re an aggressive, take charge person or a sit on the side lines and follow type, the music you listen to can give a peek into the kinds of attitudes and beliefs you have.

Different dimensions go into making us who we are as people. Psychologists have studied human behavior for years through research groups, quizzes, and surveys. They’ve gathered the data from these tests and compiled them into different categories based on the answers given by the study participants.

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In these scientific tests, several different questions will be asked for each category. The study takes into consideration where you live at the present time and where you resided as a child, because our environment plays a role in our music choice based on the influence of our upbringing.

Educational background, both of the parents and your own, will be factored into the results as well. By taking part in these tests, psychologists have been able to accurately pinpoint people who are introverts or extroverts. Hard to believe that a simple test can tell whether you’re a social butterfly or low-key, but it can.

You can take part in one of these scientific studies to see what it will show about you. Some of the aspects of your personality you might already be well aware of, but the results could surprise you.

Even Christmas songs will show your personality. People who actively seek to give to others through charity work, financial donations or who give of their time to improve others’ lives tend to listen to more traditional Christmas songs such as Silent Night or Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Most people in this group enjoy reading and they enjoy listening to classical music as well as traditional Christmas songs.

For people who are career oriented, Christmas songs with a rock beat are usually the tunes of choice. While they enjoy the traditional songs, they prefer the more modern versions.

They thrive on life in the fast lane and get an adrenaline rush from handling seemingly insurmountable tasks. More often than not, their motto is “bring it on!” They enjoy pitting themselves against nature by taking part in outdoor activities that require stamina and skill such as white water rafting or jumping from an airplane.

People who prefer soft, jazzier Christmas music tend to be introverted and will often find themselves feeling a bit melancholy. These people are more open minded and highly intelligent. They also usually keep their finances in tip top shape and are highly organized people. Check into a personality quiz and see what your kind of preferred Christmas song says about your life.

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